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Wonderwoods is more than just a building. There are various facilities in Wonderwoods. In the Wonderwoods parking garage, a physical mobility hub will be built with part e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars, which residents can use. Generous bicycle parking facilities are also being considered. There will be one especially for the residents on the ground floor. The other bicycle shed is for Wonderwoods visitors. On the ground floor, there will be Nowhere Europe’s first centre dedicated to immersive digital art and possibly a gym. There is also space in the plinth for various healthy (catering) facilities, such as a juice bar, a florist or a yoga studio.


In the lobby of the houses there will also be a service manager (James) who will offer the residents various services.


On the seventh floor there is space for a restaurant, a spacious roof park and also an educational place: the Vertical Forest hub. Here you can find information about the flora and fauna in and on Wonderwoods.

Wonderwoods will house approximately 160 owner-occupied homes and approximately 250 rental homes.


Wonderwoods offers a very diverse range of owner-occupied homes from suites to 4-room apartments and from 2-room apartments to penthouses.

All apartments are equipped with one or more outdoor space (s), it depends on the type of apartment whether it’s a balcony or terrace.

The prognosis of the start of construction site work is currently planned for September 2020.

The moment of delivery depends on the moment of the start of construction. At this moment the expected start of delivery is in Q4 2023.

The rental properties are owned by a.s.r. real estate on behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. Information about the expected rental start date and about how to register as an interested person can be found at: www.hureninwonderwoods.nl.

The sale is still in preparation, so the start sale date is not yet final. As soon as this becomes known, this will be reported via the newsletter, among other things. Register today!

At the moment it is not yet known how the allocation of the owner-occupied apartments will take place.

As soon as the sale has officially started, a technical description will be made available that describes the finishing level of the houses in detail. The owner-occupied apartments are in any case offered with a sustainable underfloor heating and cooling, a high quality kitchen and a complete bathroom.

Wonderwoods is being built on the ground of the municipality of Utrecht which will be issued on a long-term lease. The redemption of this perpetual lease canon is already included in the v.o.n. price of the owner-occupied apartements.

At this moment, price indications can’t been given yet, as we are still in the process of finalizing the contract documents.

Part of the rental properties will be rented in the middle segment. The level of the rental prices have not yet been determined. For more information about the rental properties, click here: www.hureninwonderwoods.nl.

An indication of the service costs will be given as soon as the sale starts.

Wonderwoods will be located in the new Beurskwartier where healthy urban life is central and Utrecht Central Station is just around the corner. With that in mind, a sustainable mobility hub will be available which residents of Wonderwoods can easily use! It not only consists of a physical mobility hub in the underlying parking garage of Wonderwoods with part e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars, but also the mobility card for public transport is possible. All these forms of transport come together in an app in which you can easily plan, book and pay! There are also (limited) options for renting a parking space in the underlying parking garage.


Find your place in a beautiful flora and fauna-filled world. Switch off, unwind and tune into the frequency of nature.