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Forest bathing in the city.

Wonderwoods means green living in the heart of Utrecht.

Live in this two-tower oasis in the middle of the city and you’ll be immersed in a fragrant forest with lush foliage. Ample daylight, fresh air, and nature all around will naturally elevate your spirits. You’ll tune into early morning birdsong and be lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of the natural world.


Inspiring health, wellbeing and happiness, Wonderwoods is unlike any other architecture in the Netherlands. Designed with nature in mind, it’s much more than just a building. The vegetation, for instance, acts as a natural wind barrier and sound muffler, fostering a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The vertical greenery also provides natural shade in the summer and insulation in the winter.

This is a great opportunity to rent or buy  your dream home in nature.

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Find your dream home in nature.

Where sustainability meets
stunning style.

There’s something for everyone and the experience is unique. You can rent or buy from a variety of almost energy neutral apartments. All come with one or more private outdoor (green) space(s). We know nature is good for us. Green reduces stress and has a positive effect on your health and happiness. It also reduces heat in and around your home: less heat stress and less cooling required. How nice is that? And as if it weren’t enough, green makes the air quality better by absorbing CO2 and other pollutants and gives you oxygen in return.


We also make sure that we keep you comfortable throughout the seasons by having underfloor heating and cooling. All this combined with double glazing and the high-quality facade cladding ensures a very pleasant indoor climate and has a positive effect on your energy bill.


But there is more. The especially for Wonderwoods designed high quality kitchen will be equipped with an induction hob: So cooking will be safe and also good for the environment. The bathroom is also an unique Wonderwoods design.


Something you have never seen before, we hope you will fall in love with.

Tower II – Floors 15-25

Generous space and everything within reach. This compact apartment has a separate bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. And you can access your own private balcony via both the living room and bedroom – on the sunny side of the street.
See the specs here

Tower II – Floors 10-28

Perfect for a young professional couple. This apartment has a separate bedroom and bathroom. And you can reach your outdoor space from either the living room and bedroom. Either choose an apartment with a great view towards the historic centre with its famous Dom Tower or one facing south.
See the specs here

Tower II – Floors 10-28

Ideal for couples or a family: use the extra space for a home office, spare room or children’s room. You can also choose between several different layouts and between different views across the city. All apartments have two bedrooms and one bathroom – including a bath for that extra luxury.
See the specs here

Tower I – Floor 20
Tower II – Floors 10, 11, 17, 20, 23

Plenty of room to roam for everyone. These apartments have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a living room that leads onto the outdoor space(s), most of them facing south or southeast. You can also choose between two different layouts including one option where the living room and kitchen area are across the entire width of the apartment.
See the specs here

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A day at Wonderwoods

6:00 pm

Time to take advantage of the best time of day. Time to head home. You are amazed by the beautiful Vertical Forest you are living in you can proudly call home. Wonderwoods. 

6:10 pm

Imagine walking through the entrance lobby and being greeted every day with a big smile from our service manager. He or she collects and looks after the packages you’ve been expecting all day. 

6:15 pm

En route to your residence, you’re delighted by the warm, nature-infused elements in the design. You feel right at home.

6:20 pm

When you arrive at your residence, entering through its massive hardwood door, you’re immediately reminded how unique living in Wonderwoods is. It’s flooded with natural light and, thanks to gigantic windows that open out onto nature, feels wonderfully spacious.

6:30 pm

You grab a glass of chilled homemade lemonade from the fridge. While walking out onto your outdoor lush green sky garden you enjoy the fresh air. You’re doubting whether you want to hit the gym, take a stroll out on the roof park or go out into the city to meet up with friends.  

8:00 pm

You get a call from your friends in Amsterdam asking you to come over. The night is still young so without a doubt. You quickly head over to the underground parking garage where you unlock the e-car that you just ordered by using the Next Urban Mobility app making it super easy to travel around.


You realize you have everything you need on your doorstep…


Where the living is easy.

Service Manager

Our service manager will be at your disposal with one aim: to make your life easier. The cheerful service manager will collect your parcels, take care of your dry cleaning and organise get-togethers, if so desired. 

Green mobility

Wonderwoods will have a  mobility hub within Wonderwoods. You’ll be able to reserve, pay for and unlock e-cars, e-bikes or e-scooters in just a few clicks – via a mobile app. You can even use it for OV (public transport)


Working out means different things to different people. Some enjoy it. Some don’t. That’s why we’re bringing back old-fashioned fitness equipment – so everyone using Wonderwoods can have fun while getting fit.

Roof Park Restaurant

A first for Utrecht, this restaurant on the roof park of Tower II will fast become the city’s number one hotspot for lunch or sundowners. Kick back in lush greenery and enjoy a stunning views across town.

Vertical Forest Hub

Curious to know more about Wonderwoods – a vertical forest right in the heart of Utrecht? An expert ranger will be on hand to tell you all about the trees, shrubs and animals that live on and around Wonderwoods.

Flying gardeners

Four times a year, an expert team of ‘flying gardeners’ will abseil from the top of Wonderwoods as they carry out maintenance of all the trees and shrubs. As a resident, you won’t have to lift a green finger. 


Wonderwoods is on the doorstep of the freshly remodelled Utrecht Central Station – the large public transport hub in the Netherlands – where trains, buses and trams seamlessly connect for journeys across the country and beyond. Schiphol International Airport is just 30 minutes away.


This vibrant city with a historic centre, picturesque canals and maze of medieval streets is in the heart of the Netherlands. Authentically Dutch yet beautifully international, it’s a place of ideas, innovation and invention, hard work and rich rewards. And a city that actively stimulates ‘Healthy Urban Living’. An abundance of green space and water in and around the city, exudes a feeling of calm and tranquillity.


Creative and dynamic, this new district is a contemporary model of sustainability with its parks and relaxing green spaces, art and culture. It’s also a predominantly car-free zone. Wonderwoods rubs shoulders with the Jaarbeurs in the Beurskwartier, a short stroll from the historic centre.


Cross the Moreelsebrug and you can easily walk to the Mariaplaats. One of the most famous squares in Utrecht. The Mariaplaats has many wonderful restaurants and concept stores. Via the Zadelstraat, the oldest paved shopping street in Utrecht, you can walk straight to the famous Dom Tower.


One building, five concert halls, all genres, for everybody: extraordinary venue TivoliVredenburg is the music district of Utrecht and there is nothing like it. Go see you favourite artist, dance the night away or simply enjoy a drink at café ‘Het Gegeven Paard’.

De Neude

Terraces in Utrecht, there’s more than you can count’. Those who know Utrecht know ‘de Neude’. This square is characterized by its numerous nice restaurants and cafe. Fancy a delicious glass of wine? Take a look at Wijncafé Lefebvre or walk past the new food market in Post Utrecht.

Winkel van Sinkel

The Winkel van Sinkel is still till this day an impressive neoclassical building. It dates back to the 19th century and was the first shopping arcade in the Netherlands. Nowadays, the iconic building houses a grand café that is open from early in the morning till late at night. During the day, you can grab coffee or a meal, and after sunset the tables are moved to the side and you will find yourself in the Nachtwinkel (‘Night Shop’): a great space for dancing into the small hours.


The Moreelsebrug is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge just a stone's throw away from Wonderwoods connecting it to the historic city centre of Utrecht and the iconic Mariaplaats.

De Dom /
Dom Tower

The icon of Utrecht. This beautiful church tower from the year 1382 can be seen from all over the city, and has determined the skyline of Utrecht for hundreds of years. The Dom tower offers a breathtaking view over the city climb the 465 steps and you will see Wonderwoods. It will be a spectacular view.

Utrecht Central Station

With more than 90 stores, Hoog Catharijne is one of the largest indoor shopping centres in The Netherlands. The shopping centre is located at the heart of Utrecht, connecting the historic city centre with Utrecht Centraal, Utrecht's main railway station. It’s the largest and busiest train station in The Netherlands.


Croeselaan is one of the most sustainable streets in The Netherlands. It offers greenery and plenty of space for cyclists and pedestrians making the street cleaner, healthier and more pleasant.


Kinepolis is one of the largest cinemas in the Netherlands. It has 14 cinema halls and 3200 seats. For those that are still hungry after visiting a movie head to Speijs, the Jaarbeurs restaurant. Highly recommended!


Jaarbeursplein forms the face of the new Utrecht. Vital, metropolitan and highly dynamic. A place where Utrecht shows itself, and whereresidents and visitors can have a taste of the new city. Green, sustainable and beautiful.

Galaxy Tower

This is a 92-metre-high tower with an underground parking garage and, on the first few floors, a luxury Amrâth Hôtel with 266 rooms, two restaurants, three meeting rooms, sauna, swimming pool and fitness centre. 317 apartments will be built on the floors above.

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Interested in renting or buying your dream home in nature?

Wonderwoods will open its doors in the heart of Utrecht in Q4 2023.

Interested in living in this vertical forest? Contact our real estate agents today!

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The rental of the rental apartments is expected to start in mid-2022.  Register at: