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Green at heart.

Immersing workers in nature at work significantly boosts health, wellbeing, productivity and performance. It also enhances creativity and innovation –  and keeps stress at bay.

Nature restores. It also allows us to recharge throughout the workday and beyond. That’s why we took our holistic approach further and created a whole world of amenities around our offices to effortlessly enable a sustainable work-life balance. Nourishing food and drink, culture, leisure, shopping, healthy, beauty and fitness are right on the doorstep – and offer an abundance of opportunities to unwind from the daily grind. Every floor has an outdoor area and winter gardens. Something to suit everyone’s taste and pocket.

Happy workspace. Happy workforce.

Our office ‘neighbourhood’ revolves around cultivating healthy bodies and mind. And thereby, healthy returns.

– Roberto Meyer, Architect Tower 

A natural work-life balance.

Imagine starting each day with a freshly ground sustainable coffee and a warm welcome from the receptionist as you stroll through the grand entrance, a masterpiece in its own right. Making the journey through Wonderwoods to your office a fantastic experience.


Once through the grand entrance of Tower I and into your office, think about how you can augment your working day with the gems that Wonderwoods has to offer. Hold a ‘walking meeting’ outdoors, for instance. Do business over a farm-to-fork lunch with clients or colleagues while taking in stunning views across the city from our unique 7th-floor roof park. Nip out for yoga or meditation. Or work on your fitness, indoors or out.


Brain fog? Clear your head with a stroll around Wonderwoods or find inspiration at Nowhere, Europe’s first centre dedicated to immersive digital art. A meeting in town? Green mobility is here! Book an e-bike downstairs in just a few clicks – and avoid traffic jams and parking fees.


And when the day’s done, why not relax on a terrace with colleagues and watch the birds fly back to their nests as the sun go down? Then head home to your residence at Wonderwoods, elsewhere in the city, or further afield via Utrecht Central Station – refreshed and ready to do it all over again.


Prosperity flows where green grows.

Work amidst lush greenery and pause to take in invigorating views while being flooded with natural daylight and fresh air – against a backdrop of the gentle hum of nature.

Here are just some of the natural benefits you can look forward to.


Thanks to the use of smart glass surfaces, ample mood-boosting natural daylight will flood into the offices.


While you work, trees and plants will be busy cleaning the air around you.


The leafy foliage will provide the offices with natural shade – keeping heat out during summer and warmth in during winter, thus minimising energy costs for tenants.


You only have to glance out of the window to enjoy a nature fix. Pause from the screen to watch a butterfly in flight or listen to a blackbird sing.



The vegetation will act as a natural sound barrier reducing noise pollution. Research shows that a workforce thrives in quieter surroundings.

Green power.

The secret to a happy and healthy workforce.

Numerous research into the science behind greenery in the workplace has revealed many positive benefits. This 2019 study by Wageningen Environmental Research champions the following six:

Air humidity

The relative humidity in spaces with plants is 5% higher on average than in areas without plants. An improvement of 17% was measured during winter. The air quality improves with office greenery making employees feel more  happy, energized, and engaged.

Thermic comfort

Employees are less likely to perceive the temperature in an office space as too hot or too cold. Thermal comfort has a significant impact on workplace satisfaction. 

More attractive

People find their workplace more attractive to look at after plants have been introduced.  They help to reduce stress and improve focus and concentration. Also they smell good and look beautiful.


Workplace happiness improves when natural elements are introduced such as plants. Employees also tend to worry less about work during their free time. 

Satisfaction about performance

People are more content with their performance when plants are in the workspace. The performance of those working in green environments, increases on average by double, compared to those who work in conventional ones.

Less sick leave

People who work in a space with plants report 20% less sick for work. They give us a sense of being away; feeling relaxed, tranquil, and simply existing. Natural elements can help in mental recovery and stress relief. 


The perks of work at Wonderwoods.

Customisable offices

Our large open spaces allow you to customise your office layout to foster creativity, collaboration and communication. More than a place where you simply plug in your laptop, your office design can reflect your company vision, values and goals. 

A neighbour with benefits

Business relations coming over and need a larger meeting room? Or want to work in project teams outside of the office? Spaces has got you covered.

Workout at work

Being immersed in the digital world is just a part of everyday life. However you can detox from digital overload head over to our roof park on the 7th floor and enjoy yoga, fitness and meditation or go to our gym on the 1st floor. It’s time to start considering physical activity as part of work itself.


Switch off from work and find inspiration in Europe’s first centre dedicated to immersive digital art. Art collective teamLab will transform Nowhere into an awe-inspiring, every-changing immersive art world.

Green mobility

Wonderwoods will have its own e-car, e-bike and e-scooter sharing hub. You can reserve, unlock, and pay for your mode of transport in seconds via a mobile app. Naturally, we will also promote the healthiest form of travel – the bicycle. 

We call it urban mobility.

A grand entrance

A warm and inviting entrance on the Jaarbeursboulevard –  a stone’s throw from Utrecht Central Station – welcomes you and your visitors. A masterpiece in its own right, it will form part of the Wonderwoods experience, offering a taste of the workplace wonder that unfolds inside.

Comfortable environment

Geothermal energy is used to heat and cool Wonderwoods. And technical wizardry ensures a comfortable environment is maintained throughout the workday. We are making it easy for you to go green, transform your business and grow your impact towards a better world.


Wonderwoods Offices has already obtained a BREEAM Excellent certificate. High points were scored for energy efficiency, rainwater reuse, and the ubiquitous flora and fauna. Together we will ensure that we will celebrate achieving the BREEAM Excellent label upon delivery.

Green at heart

Wonderwoods is being greened by the best landscape architects and specialists in the business: Arcadis, Laura Gatti Studio, Koninklijke van Ginkel Groep and Van den Berk Nurseries. In fact, the trees and shrubs for the hectare of vertical vegetation are already being grown at Van den Berk’s nursery.

Annual maintenance plan

Office tenants won’t have to worry about the trees and shrubs: a dedicated team of ‘flying gardeners’ will be appointed to carry out maintenance during each of the four seasons. This service isn’t free, however, but costs will be kept to a minimum. Remember too: these will be offset by lower bills thanks to our energy-saving solutions.


Strategic location.

Wonderwoods is located in Utrecht’s Beurskwartier, the best-kept secret for business. It rubs shoulders with the Jaarbeurs exhibition centre and is minutes on foot from Utrecht Central Station. From there, Schiphol Airport, the gateway to Europe and the rest of the world, is just 30 minutes away by direct train. Handy for business trips to your partners or offices in the rest of the country – or in other countries.


Utrecht is currently a magnet for businesses thanks to its healthy urban living ethos, location in the middle of the country, and proximity to every other Dutch city. It’s the fastest growing city in the Netherlands and continuing demand for office space will lead to scarcity.

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