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Green at heart.

Wonderwoods is more than just a building. This boutique office offers flexible and light office floors, each of which are connected to the greenery in a different ways in just a stone’s throw away from Utrecht Central Station. Via the Jaarbeursboulevard you can walk straight to the main office entrance of Wonderwoods.

Besides the regular main office entrance, Wonderwoods also has a separate 24/7 entrance.

The office programme which is located in the tower of MVSA Architects is spread over 11 floors ranging from 570 sq.m to 3200 sq.m.


Immersing employees in nature
significantly boosts health and well-being, productivit and performance. It also enhances creativity and innovation – and reduces stress.

The Boutique Offices have been designed according to the RE\DEFINE philosophy; a new standard for safe, healthy and productive offices. The offices have plenty of access to green space through terraces, winter gardens with opening façade sections or atria. Trust us these specials will not let you down.


A vibrant destination

Need a break from a busy day at work? Visit Nowhere, Europe’s first Digital Art centre.


Or a meeting outside the city? Green mobility is here as you please! From e-cars to e-bikes, Wonderwoods has it all. You can easily reserve an e-bike downstairs in justa few clicks to avoid traffic jams and parking costs.

Feel like doing some sports after work? Just go hit the gym! Or take your business clients out for a unique rooftop experience on the 7th floor while enjoying lunch with a view.

Employees of today and the next generation yearn
for such environments. An environment that caters to the needs and wants of your employees. 

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RE\DEFINE your workspace

A whole world of facilities has been created to effortlessly facilitate a healthy work-life balance.


RE\DEFINE is a belief in creating a healthy, safe and productive work environment and is being implemented for the first time at Wonderwoods. With RE\DEFINE, we want to create a happy and healthy office environment to keep people coming to the office at all times, driven by the desire to be together. Because we strongly believe that this is the best thing for a company. We do not think in limitations but see opportunities to make offices healthy and future-proof.


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Wonderwoods is on the doorstep of the freshly remodelled Utrecht Central Station – the large public transport hub in the Netherlands – where trains, buses and trams seamlessly connect for journeys across the country and beyond. Schiphol International Airport is just 30 minutes away.


With that said, Wonderwoods is located right in the heart of Utrecht, just a stone’s throw away from Utrecht Central Station. It is located on the corner of the Jaarbeursboulevard and the Croeselaan, right across the Beatrix Theatre. 


Wonderwoods will be the icon of Beurskwartier; Utrecht’s latest neighbourhood that is currently still under development. It will be a metropolitan area in which Healthy Urban Living and sustainability are at its core.


Ready to give your business a green boost?

Come have your business in this ‘living landmark’ today! Wonderwoods will open its doors end of 2023. Contact our real estate agents and they will be more than happy to help!


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