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Woody is our cute
little mascot.

No one is more excited about Wonderwoods than Woody. Long ago, many birds left the city after countless trees were chopped down to make way for homes and offices. But soon, they’ll be flying back.

My feathered friends and I can’t wait to move into Utrecht’s vertical forest and make friends with the humans and other creatures living there.

– Woody the Nuthatch

Read on to find out more about Woody and his friends. And how a tweet led them to embark on a journey of a lifetime to this great forest in the sky…

Meet Woody’s friends.


The Adventures of Woody the Nuthatch.

The Adventures of Woody the Nuthatch tells the story of how Woody and his feathered friends prepare to leave their home in a national park and fly back to the city. Find out how Woody helps his best friend,

a blackbird named Billy, overcome his fear of heights after he accidentally fell out his nest as a baby and landed – plop! – on his bottom.


Are you sitting comfortably?
Then we’ll begin…

Get your copy of The Adventures of Woody The Nuthatch​

Want to get your hands on a copy of this children’s book? Keep an eye on our social media channels. Every now and then, we will announce when a limited number of copies will become available at the Stadskantoor Utrecht.